We have two, open meetings per month, one on the first Thursday at 8pm in the Greenmaps office at 220A E 4th Street, Manhattan and one on the third Saturday at 6pm on the second floor of 99 S 6th St, Brooklyn. 

An agenda is e-mailed to the listserv at least 24 hours before the meeting for everyone to add to.

Minutes are sent after the meeting. Everyone has 48 hours from the time the minutes are sent  to propose friendly amendments or blocks to all decisions. If any decision goes unresolved for one week, a conference call is set and a final decision is made on that call.

We use a modified consensus to make decisions

Everyone at a meeting and on the listserv can participate in the decision-making process, but no-one is allowed to block a decision at their first meeting

When a motion is proposed, everyone can propose friendly amendments

When all friendly amendments have been made, people can support, not vote, stand aside, or block

A stand aside indicates that you do not like the proposal and will not participate, but that you do not dislike it so much that you are willing to block

If ⅓ of the group stands aside, this counts as a block

A block indicates that if the group goes forward with the decision, you will no longer participate in the group

If someone blocks, the group must hear the concerns of this person and consider further amendments up to three times, but no more than three times

For urgent actions that cannot wait for a meeting, we have two levels of protocol:

We have a working list of actions that can be executed under the name Right of Way at any time, such as stenciling on the night of a crash

For other time-sensitive actions that arise, the listserve must be e-mailed and given four hours to make friendly amendments or block

These rules are open to further amendments at all meetings and on the listserv. This is a living document.